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On a Video Call

We are proud to offer Teletherapy to residents across North Carolina!

Teletherapy is a convenient way to engage in therapy sessions from where ever you are! All sessions are conducted through telephone or video via a HIPAA-compliant platform.

All you need to connect is your phone, tablet, laptop or computer, and a secure internet connection.

What to Expect

Therapy works best when there is synergy between the client and therapist. I approach the therapeutic process as a partnership between the two. While you as the client bring the knowledge and expertise of your life experiences, I offer clinical intuition and evidence-based interventions with the human touch. Together, we create the space, the energy and the focus needed for you to prosper.

The mission at IWCC is to meet clients where they are and empower them towards where they want to be based on individual values, goals, mindfulness and psychoeducation.


Our approach to therapy is flexible, strength-focused, interactive and insight-oriented. We also value incorporating spirituality when requested.

Holding Hands
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